Wire shelving prevents clutter and dust

We pride ourselves for all of our wire shelving parts are currently manufactured at premium industry leading quality and standard. We ship our wire shelving parts carefully by the trucks and store them in our climate controlled warehouses across the state. There is a dedicated crew waiting for order fulfillment that works diligently to box necessary shipments using highest safety measure and technology. In such way, we maintain to ensure that our storage and shelving products reach your door not only speedily but also in perfect condition.

Our wire shelves are typically stored in boxes of four or five pieces, if they are below 60” in width or smaller. To optimize the cost of shipping for our customers, we combine different shelving parts and products into one box, by fastening together the boxes with various sizes of shelves. Usually, UPS is used to ship freight for larger saleable orders, and we keep you informed by tracking information so you won’t be surprised of the arrival of your new superb storage system.

Wire shelving represents a heavyweight shelving solution for a variety of purposes, but first and foremost better household organization and more efficient use of retail merchandising space, saving high-quality storage, but especially for unpackaged warehouse inventory. Our customers’ approval is our highest priority, coming from diverse trades with different needs and specifications. They are all satisfied by selecting wire shelving parts and racks for their unique functionalities;

Our know-how is further expanded by including not only quadrilateral wire racks of all shapes. For example, we manufacture high-class rack designs with corner underpinnings such as the triangular, radius, and especially Pentagon shelves. We pride ourselves that each our rack shape is carefully and specifically designed to answer our diverse customers’ rooms and spaces providing unique benefits, strength in supporting rated loads and eventually

Every set that we install includes posts with feet that could be adjusted with customizable levels, adding or removing some shelves, and plastic split sleeves. These accessories are becoming more and more essential as added value components while assembling your wire shelving parts kit to your advantage. You can clip them together on the spot where you want your shelf to place, forming an installation suited to feature your desired functionality the best. The corners of the shelf are particularly strengthened by lowering it over the clip, securing shelving parts in place and enabling the wire to withhold the standard rated masses at highest standards possible.

For any installation part, you want to do yourself there is manuals and user-friendly assembly guides how each shelving part relates to another, represented in easy to understand manner. Unlike other wire shelving storage platforms that are complicated and tricky to put them together, our wire shelving constructions are stress-free to construct. There is no need for any professional tools to assemble these shelves, just the stuff that is included with your purchase.