Nellie Sharpe April 4, 2018

There are more and more innovative wanted uses of wire shelving parts that in turn tend to create more and more impressive merchandising products. Many of you are not only mere users but creators of storage combinations made of wire shelving parts. These shelves are used in the back of your houses, in the offices or most typically in retail industry on the sales floor of the shops. We pride ourselves in a wide range of selling stands from the point of sale end-caps to tracks that effortlessly adjust to fit your latest promotions you are having this day. Therefore, the more creative our customers are, the more we are incentivized to use innovative materials and different wire shelving combinations that in turn keep the creativity-spurring and support our retail customers in selling their products off the shelves.

Of course, that there is deep understanding regarding office environment design that differs greatly from the retail business, but that does not mean that the storage shelving systems are that much different too. For example, we had ample experience in manufacturing heavy duty shelving for our office clientele that had special requirements to match item records according to appropriate tax codes. These kinds of shelving systems have achieved great popularity among office supply closets while some of our premium chrome wire desks have made to the offices of CEOs, where these guys work on a large desk made of wire shelving parts.

For our choosier customers, we offer numerous diverse styles and variations of wire shelving, according to each of our customer particular needs and uses. For their benefits and applications, there are a starter and add-on sets, like more standard rectangular shelves that are included in our daily offer. However, while many sets are manufactured as standalone units, many of our products are predominantly used in combination with specific sizes and purposes. With the standard type of our shelves, you can quickly change and increase the amount or kind of storage by adding additional shelves to the construction. In turn, cantilever type shelves only have two spots in the back collars of the shelf, which makes the front area of the shelf totally accessible and open which comes in very handy for vertical above head placements, and are available in two to three different lengths.

A so-called “basket” shelf is excellent in the situation where you have to catch all items that are inclined to fall or slide off. These shelves require a wire pair that is deeper than standard ones, and if you have such a unit, you can add a wire shelf for example for storing wine or other bottles in horizontal position. There is also the possibility to get entire stand consisted solely of wine shelves for example. However, even if our high-quality products are labeled “commercial grade,” these wire shelving systems can be just as well used at home, for private use. To maintain such flexibility, we created different styles of corner kits to support multi-purpose design.