Nellie Sharpe April 4, 2018

We provide superior and the finest quality of storage-like products made from any size of wire shelving parts but also exclusive accessories that will facilitate your shelving units more useful. We pride ourselves by not having missed fitting wire shelving parts deadline in over a decade while our racks were never botched under loads of rated masses. The reason that our shelving is so durable is in the corner guards that keep the heavy loads and prevent any damage to the material loaded on them and during transportation. We provide added value that more than 90% of any of our competitors lacks in the form of specially design-build capabilities and post-sales support services.

We connect love and passion for industrial engineering with sales and a wide variety of storage products for any purpose and various functionalities. Our mission is to offer premium storage solutions for increased productivity, organization, and security at competitive prices. Our range goes from lesser scale storage projects around residential houses towards larger storerooms installations in the wide metropolitan areas. The main objective of our company is to exceed competition and your expectations with exceptional service and modern designed solutions that frame your world. At quality enterprise level and industry leaders, we deliver our final products with an inbuilt set of entrepreneurial values in all our accomplishments.

There are collections of strategic facilities and amenities at your service for your next storage project, such as Project Management planning, tracking, monitoring and budgeting, technical consulting and advice with our specialists, architects, and constructors. As we approach every single project with the highest professionalism and care, we achieve this by using AutoCad enterprise software to design multiple outline options and give you the best possible outcomes to choose from.

When giving a presentation, all work particulars relevant to the scope are covered, which might be of use to the circumventing and overcoming any difficulties that might arise. Even if you have not required them beforehand, we arrange for any necessary permits and procure all listed material components. More importantly, we stick to the timeline given to offer you the comfort of coordinating your activities and planning for the set deadline and construction completion dates. In the project timeline all staffs’ installation, shipping, and assembly equipment are scheduled for your convenience and the follow-up.

The increasing demand for our products and customer reach all over the country prompted us to enable online communication, engagement, and development of storage projects remotely. The idea behind it is very simple – for your convenience and at your fingertips you can get in touch with us to understand better your needs, clarify orders, no matter where you are shopping from. Our partners are among the industry leaders who supply high-quality products online that we hence install at countless local warehouses or residential buildings.

We also have opened an outlet to put on display those residential products and house our additional services. As we are continuously adding innovative products specially designed to our website platform to assist you in making better choices and saving you legwork, by using your space optimally, whether you need storage for the house or your place of business.