Superior storage products at competitive prices

We provide superior and the finest quality of storage-like products made from any size of wire shelving parts but also exclusive accessories that will facilitate your shelving units more useful. We pride ourselves by not having missed fitting wire shelving parts deadline in over a decade while our racks were never botched under loads of rated masses. The reason that our shelving is so durable is in the corner guards that keep the heavy loads and prevent any damage to the material loaded on them and during transportation. We provide added value that more than 90% of any of our competitors lacks in the form of specially design-build capabilities and post-sales support services.

We connect love and passion for industrial engineering with sales and a wide variety of storage products for any pu...

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We Offer Different all kinds of Wire Shelving

There are more and more innovative wanted uses of wire shelving parts that in turn tend to create more and more impressive merchandising products. Many of you are not only mere users but creators of storage combinations made of wire shelving parts. These shelves are used in the back of your houses, in the offices or most typically in retail industry on the sales floor of the shops. We pride ourselves in a wide range of selling stands from the point of sale end-caps to tracks that effortlessly adjust to fit your latest promotions you are having this day...

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Million Ways to Use Wire Shelving parts

There are countless benefits for our wire shelving parts that could be modified and adapted to one’s needs, as they are evolving. Our silver metal wire shelving parts are branded by its versatility and scalability of our innovative, superior class product. There are many highlights that we could suggest to you, where you come to our showroom, or contact us online. By AutoCad software, we could present state of the art combination of different shelving combinations within your storage space, and give you priceless suggestion through consultation from our dedicated specialists and architects. Potentially we hope to inspire our customers to creative and innovative use for their various multiple purposes in of the most popular ways in which one could utilize our wire shelving system.


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Different Uses of a Wire Shelving System

Have you ever thought of how would a set of adjustable wire shelving parts and metal shelve improve your productivity and efficiency of your business or residential space? Yes having wire shelving parts will prove worth their size and weight in storage in the years that are to come. We fabricate the specific type of wire shelving system that is of the highest quality from the tiniest parts of the welds to the contemporary design of the structure which translates to superior sturdiness. We pride ourselves in giving you a lifetime of storage with any particular purchase, as our parts as well as wire shelves are of incredibly durability and scalability...

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